Move objects Rackspace Cloud Files

20 August 2013 10:51

I had a need to move a bunch of files to a new container in Rackspace’s Cloud Files. Using the handy API Python Bindings (pyrax) this is pretty easy.

import os
import sys
import pyrax
import pyrax.exceptions as exc
import pyrax.utils as utils
creds_file = os.path.expanduser(".rackspace_cloud_credentials")
pyrax.set_setting("identity_type", "rackspace")
pyrax.set_setting("region", "LON")
cf = pyrax.cloudfiles
oldcont = cf.get_container("old_container")
newcont = cf.get_container("new_container")
objects = oldcont.get_objects()
counter = 0
for obj in objects:
 cf.move_object(oldcont,, newcont)
 counter += 1
 print "[%d] %s moved from %s to %s" % (counter,,,

The credentials file, if you’re wondering, looks like this:

username = USERNAME
api_key = KEY

The follow up is to port this to ruby/fog/rumm once I figure out ruby and get time 🙂

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