Who am I?

Well my name’s Ian Winter, I was born on a cold morning in Reading, October 1981. I started life as a baby oddly enough and after GCSE’s, A-Level’s and one week at Uni decided that the working life was what I wanted.

In the beginning I was a HTML monkey coding up pretty basic stuff and getting the hang of the early versions of CSS back and my head around JavaScript. There was a need in the job I was doing to start getting a bit more funky and get some database driven stuff going on which is when I found and picked up on ColdFusion. Since then I’ve worked pretty much mainly with web technologies in a Linux environment.

I have over 10 years commercial experience and have worked in a number of industries including hardware/software, diversified computer systems, automotive & online media across varying company sizes from small digital agency to large multinational corporates dealing with all levels of staff from every day workers through to C level.

Currently I’m working more on the technical operations / infrastructure side of things for the guys and gals over at whitelabeldating.com – if you want a free dating site check it out.

When I’m not working I enjoying attempting to keep fit by swimming and going to the gym, now and again getting the bike out and going for a ride. I’ve got a fairly large music collection and enjoy gigs and discovering new artists. I also am a bit of an internet junkie and keep up to speed on what’s going on in the world of the web.

Aside from my blog, which you found, I’m also on quite a few other social networking sites including flickr, last.fm, Facebook, delicious, LinkedIn, dopplr and YouTube.

Get in touch if you want to know anything else.

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