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Classic Mario Covers

7 February 2008 14:48

During a bored lunch hour and after looking at the new trailer for Mario Kart on Wii, an addictive tune namely the Mario theme got into my head and prompted some YouTube’ing for classic covers of the classic tune.

Pointless, but, enjoy!

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Guitar Hero III

27 September 2007 9:29

Checked out Game and the release date for Guitar Hero III on the Wii is the 2nd November. No detail on the guitar hookup for the Wii as yet.

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Wii Guitar Hero

21 August 2007 12:12

Guitar Hero 3 going to be released on all the major consoles, including Wii… Rock!!!


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Wii Games Downloads

21 August 2007 12:11

Read the IGN article saying more Wii games will be downloadable next year.

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Wii Blaster

1 May 2007 11:47

OK so the Wii rocks, but, this looks like it’s going to get even better!

Here’s a story over on Gamespot about the Wii Blaster, how much fun!

Also found out that Nintendo UK are moving into the offices opposite where I work. Very cool.

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Dell Buys Alienware

23 March 2006 10:13

Interesting twist. Dell have been pushing their XPS systems, both desktop and laptop recently. I’m guessing now they’ve got Alienware, even though they’re going to maintain the brand the XPS could well disappear.

Certainly will enhance Dell’s probably already great buying power posistion

BBC NEWS | Business | Dell launches Alienware invasion

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World of Warcraft Cheat Sheet

15 February 2006 15:31

For all of you our there who are WOW fans, World of Warcraft to the non addicited, came across this World of Warcraft Cheat Sheet. Hopefully it’ll be useful.

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Playstation 3 Pics

17 May 2005 13:19

Taken from www.joystiq.com

Will be interesting now to see what Nintendo come out with following Sony’s and M$’ Xbox 360 launch.

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Half Life 2 Mini Game

2 December 2004 14:45

A little discovery on the on the HL2 website, go have a look and see what you think. Also try this,
this or, can you guess yet,

Thanks to Beaker for this one.

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Half Life 2

17 November 2004 8:59

Finally yesterday Half-Life 2 got released.

After waiting about 20 minutes for Steam to unlock the files it eventually began loading up. Had a free voucher from my last graphics card hence using Steam to get it.

Downside before I’d even started was it took an age to load, I was watching the initial load screen for another 10 minutes before I got going, but boy was it worth the wait!

The graphics are out of this world, the introduction movie when you start is brilliant. Go get it now.

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