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England & Reading

10 February 2007 19:22

Both England and Reading won today, England beat Italy 20-7, though it was far from an impressive display. The Autumn form is unfortunately back. It’s a shame as the Scotland game last week, which I was at, was excellent.

Reading also got a 2-0 result over Villa at home. Currently 6th and are on a role. Steve Coppell is doing a great job and Majedski’s pre season comment about a place in Europe might not be fair off!

Now off for some celebration drinking!

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World Cup Wallchart

9 June 2006 15:36

World Cup Wallchart PDF courtesy of BBC Sport.

Who’ll win? Afraid I don’t think it’ll be England, I think they’ll qualify and would love to see them through, but not sure. Though having said that all the “big teams” have various injury and weak spots so, could be a very good open tournament.

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The Mighty Royals

17 April 2006 23:05

A 3-1 win over Stoke today pushes Reading to 102pts in the Championship with 2 games and them needing 4 points to get to the magical all time points record of 106 which would beat Sunderlands 105.

Coppel’s target is not to loose until the end of the season, so hopefully another 2 wins or at least a win and a draw and it’ll be home and dry.

Almost put a bet on a while back but glad I didn’t as I don’t think I’d take the pressure at the moment!

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The Mighty Mighty Royals

29 March 2006 21:37

Don’t need to say much but, well well deserved, overdue and


Just you wait, the next Wigan in the making.

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Take it as Reading

17 February 2006 12:50

The mighty Royals continue to reign over the championship and interestingly have “accumulated the most points, won the most games and tasted defeat the fewest times of any of the teams in the top four divisions so far this season.” (From BBC News)

I think that the 106 point record achievable and would make this by far the Royals best season, and, they deserve it.

Come on you Royals!!!

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Reading | Take it as Reading

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England set Aussies record chase

15 August 2005 8:39

Don’t usually write about sport, but in this case I feel the need. There is a good chance we might actually beat the Aussie’s at cricket!! Could we actually have a decent team at last…

BBC SPORT | Cricket | Ashes 2005 | England set Aussies record chase

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Texas bans…

9 May 2005 14:53

Only in America, I mean come on, why else do you watch cheerleaders! Taken from Forever Geek.

Texas bans “overly sexual” cheerleading

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England v Ireland

12 March 2004 1:34

Well, not sure what to say to this, yes we lost (19-13) and I suppose the better team won. We didn’t play well at all, though I hope they get an ear bashing and beat the Welsh or we’ll never live it down… Come on boys!!!

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RBS 6 Nations

23 February 2004 14:00

The RBS 6 Nations is well underway now, of course world champions England are doing well.

Bit of a shaky start in the Scotland game but successfully beat them 35-13 at Murreyfield to retain the Calcutter Cup. Last weekend they also beat France 50-9 at the Stade De France. Come on England!

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New England Captain

30 January 2004 2:34

The new captain for the England Rugby Union team has been picked for the first Six Nations match. Dallaglio has been chosen to success Martin Johnson, a excellent choice, good luck Lawrence.

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