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2 April 2009 20:50

The fitness campaign continues for the most part successfully. I’ve kept to doing at least 1000m in the pool twice a week. It’s taking about 40 minutes each time doing breast stroke which is ok, but, I’d like to do it quicker though on having attempted that last night I’m not sure how much quicker I can do that stroke. I think I may need to try out doing front crawl though I need a better pair of googles for that.

I’ve also kept up the gym working managing just over 8km again on the bike along with some arm work – although the day after swimming that wasn’t a great plan!

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23 March 2009 21:33

The fitness campaign continues and seemingly still going OK. Last week wasn’t particularly good with only one trip due to a couple of late nights at work and general stuff going on. Over the weekend that was slightly made up for with a 8km cycle in the gym following by some arm weights, on Sunday I managed to up my swimming distance to 1100m (44 lengths). It did take slightly longer at 50 minutes but hopefully that’ll come down.

So far not much sign of weight loss, though that I’m not too fussed about as long as the belly decreases it’s presence!

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Fitness Goal

16 March 2009 12:48

I’ve managed to reach my fitness goal a bit early. I’veĀ  got myself to 1000m/40 lengths in the pool (25m) ahead of when I wanted to. I was hoping to make it by the end of the month but am early. Problem is now deciding on what the next goal should be. I did 40 lengths in 40 minutes so I guess I need to try and get that down by 10 minutes but if I get to 1000m in 30 minutes then it’s not going to be pushing myself. I guess the next step is try to get all the way up to 2000m in less than an hour but that’s quite a long way off!

I do also need to do other stuff though. I’ve been neglecting the gym a bit and concentrating on the swimming so I may just keep the swimming pace as is and then go for doing a goal on either rowing machine, bike or treadmill. I hate the treadmill/running so I think I might start out with cycling or rowing.

Next time I go to the gym I’ll let you know what happens.

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Getting Fit

6 March 2009 17:23

I decided as a new year’s resolution to try and get a bit fitter. That didn’t really happen so in the last few weeks I’ve been sticking to it by going to the pool twice a week and the gym at least once or twice. First off in the pool I did 20 lengths which is 500m. Last time I got that up to 24/600m and I’m hoping that by the end of the month I can be doing 40/1000m. I do feel better in myself for doing more exercise and also trying to eat better. We shall see if it pays off!

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