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iPhone Antenna Song

3 August 2010 8:26

Amusing song on about the iPhone antennagate from a guy who sings videos. It’s quite amusing.

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Simplicity with o2

26 April 2010 23:23

If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, particular a 3G, odds are you’re out of, or, coming up to being out of contract. You’re probably paying £35/m right now as well. If like me you’re holding on for June/July to see if a new iPhone is launched, which, it probably will be you’re not going to want to jump into a 18/24 month contract to upgrade to a 3GS (albeit tempting). O2 actually seem to have an answer in their reasonable new Simplicity SIM only tariffs. For £20/m you can get unlimited texts and 300 minutes inclusive.

It’s also really easy to switch online once you’ve found the right links. If you click on the “Shop” dropdown at the top you’ll see an Upgrade Your Phone link. Follow that, enter your mobile number and then the code you’ll get by SMS. Once in you can pick from the don’t want a phone section and just pick the new tariff. You can also just go on a month to month rolling contract which is great, saves you money and hopefully makes you ready for the iPhone 4G. You can also “downgrade” to these tariffs and save £5/m if you go for a 12 month contract.

I’ve gone through the process just now and as yet not received a confirmation email but hopefully that’ll turn up soon!

Edit: Still no email but now the O2 iPhone app shows I’m on to simplicity 20 tariff.

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iPhone 3GS and o2

10 June 2009 10:49

With the announcement of the new iPhone 3GS the predictable rage at upgrades is now the issue. It’s not unexpected as the handsets aren’t subsidised however still annoying to those people who want the latest and greatest.

o2 have now published their upgrade policy on how you can get a 3GS. Basically, buy a pay as you go phone, pay up your remaining monthly contract and sign a new one or dependent on how much you pay monthly take advantage of the early upgrade windows.

I’ll certainly put 3.0 on my phone but if it’s worth upgrading as much as I’d like to I’m not sure. In my case with 9 months left I think the pay out contract option would be cheapest – still very expensive though. Of course there’s always eBay…

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iPhone 2.0 School Report

31 July 2008 22:51

Overall: Must try harder.

I have an original 2G iPhone and now have a 3G iPhone with work. I’ve been comparing the two and have some initial thoughts on what needs to get sorted.

The signal strength on the 3G phone is worse than the 2G one, but, only with 3G turned on. If you turn 3G off on O2’s UK network the signal strength goes back to full. Also the 3G data speeds are seemingly only slightly faster than EDGE which is a disappointment.

Neither the 2G or 3G phones map “locate me” function works anymore and with the 3G iPhone I can’t any sign that GPS exists at all again with this being one of the key new features and potential sell points for me to upgrade mine, a disappointment.

In both the Settings > Phone menu and the contact list on the 2G phone “My number” is displayed at the top which is quite handy, on the 3G phone there’s no sign of that. It may be something I’ve not setup right but in side by side comparisons of menu’s etc I can’t spot it.

The screen on the 3G is definitely brighter and as reviews suggest slightly more yellow, doesn’t really matter though as I think it looks better. Also the sound quality on the 3G is superior both in ear sound quality and volume and the speaker quality and volume.

Apple are in beta for 2.1 which I hope fixes these niggly things. Locate me not working and crappy 3G pick up could be O2’s fault, but, it could be hardware or software. I’d lean to software and Apple as on the 2G with 1.1.4 locate me worked just fine.

As for MobileMe, well, after by 99 remaining days are up thanks to Apple for 2 lots of extra 30 days, I think I’ll be ditching it. SpanningSync 2.0 is looking like the main contender at the moment.

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O2 iPhone Stock

16 July 2008 21:10

According to the O2 store selected retail stores are getting limited stock tomorrow (Wednesday 16th July) and more by Friday 25th. I wonder how long the queue in Reading is already?

Whilst having the 3G and the ability to find myself, geographically speaking, I’m not it’s worth it just yet. I might wait 6 months and see what Apple do.

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iPhone 3G

16 July 2008 9:19

When O2 said limited supply they really weren’t kidding. If Apple seriously did under estimate demand they need to take a look at how they market. Spending a whole month saying, “the one you’ve been waiting for” and “it’s coming, July 11” what did they really think would happen?

Anyway, I’ve got iPhone 2.0 firmware running on my 1st gen iPhone and it’s nice. The apps are cool and the calendar changes along with multiple delete/move in email is really handy. The battery life is less with MobileMe running push hourly.

A couple of good, in depth reviews have now popped up. arstechnica.com and iLounge are the two best I’ve read.

I have to say I’m now not sure about it now. I was all for it, but, will Apple release another one in 6-9 months? Maybe.

Will I upgrade? Watch this space.

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3G iPhone

26 March 2008 8:46

Now the Apple rumour mill is active at the quietest of times but the 3G iPhone stories keep on popping up. Good, cause, I want one (even though I already have a regular one)… anyway the latest story [via] suggests Apple have placed orders for 10M units and they may have OLED screens.

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Design updates, information

28 February 2008 13:56

A day of updates.

Apple have finally announced that on March 6th they’re going to talk about the iPhone roadmap and SDK [via]

LinkedIn have launched a new design for the site. A cross between Facebook & Flickr in my opinion.

Google Docs has a slight tweak to it’s toolbar making it more MS Office esq. Google also launched Sites for Google Apps, online wiki from all accounts. Need to get myself a Google Apps account to check it out.

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iPhone 1.1.4 firmware

27 February 2008 9:40

Other than causing me a huge amount of grief there doesn’t seem to much at all in the latest firmware for the iPhone.

The update downloaded OK, installed OK, but when the iPhone restarted iTunes crashed and burnt. Restarted iTunes and plugged the iPhone back in and after a while it popped up. Next problem was it told me it was synced to another iTunes, which it wasn’t, and wouldn’t sync. Did a restore, but, nothing changed. Finally chose the erase and sync option and luckily it sorted it out. I think.

Now to sort my album art out so coverflow looks prettier 🙂

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iPhone SDK

18 February 2008 22:18

Steve Jobs announced it’d be out in February and so far no sign. The ever reliable rumour mill is churning as normal with Apple and ranges from a 3G version of the iPhone, a 1.1.4 firmware (seems logical to support the SDK) and a big Apple event to actually launch the SDK itself.

It will be good to get it out there, I think custom apps will make the iPhone even better than it is already and will allow people to fix things that are irritating. Like for instance about 5 taps to turn bluetooth on, not friendly when you want to turn in on before setting out on a car journey!

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