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Dodgy Coldfusion 7 Download

31 December 2005 14:14

Just a quick warning, got the latest Coldfusion trial download off the MM site for Linux (coldfusion-701-lin.bin) and it doesn’t work. It installs fine, but, won’t start.

Downloaded the old version coldfusion-70-lin.bin, installed it, patched it and it starts up fine. Not sure if this is all OS’s but certainly the Linux one is dodgy.

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Macromedia Labs

17 October 2005 13:40

Can we be like Google please and have a labs sub-domain… 😀

That being said, got some nice stuff on. Flex 2 really does look as though it could be really good. Watch that space.

Macromedia Labs – Homepage

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Dreamweaver 8 Cool Feature

7 October 2005 22:36

Just accidently found a really cool feature in Dreamweaver 8. If you select a block of code and hit “CTRL + T” you can type in a CF tag and surround the selected block of code, ideal for cfoutput, cfquery & cfif to name a few, ooo, and cftry.

Very handy. I think, and from the last version I didn’t think I’d say it, but, I actually like DW8. The code editor works, it doesn’t crash, it doesn’t randomly delete code, code collapse is back (ohh the Studio 4.5 memories) and the “CTRL + T” functionality. Very cool. Nice job MM.

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Flex 2 Product Line and Flash Player 8.5

7 October 2005 12:15

I’ve had a bit of a play with Flex 1.5 and it’s nice, very nice but I don’t see how it’s going to go mainstream with the ridiculous cost! It’s going to be hard for any organisation to justify the cost.

Hopefully now Zorn is coming along and now that MM are part of the Eclipse foundation they’ll bring costs down. Only thing on the side you have to wonder about is with a big organisation like MM joining Eclipse will that influence it to much, who knows, time will tell. We’ve the ‘Macrodobe’ thing to actually happen yet which seems to have gone quiet. Guess these things take time though.

Macromedia – Press Room

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Want a say in the next version of CF?

20 September 2005 8:07

If you do then point you mouse at the lovely link below and click. It’s an online survey setup by the ColdFusion Server Team to gather feedback on what users want in the next version of CF.

It’s worth doing because if you don’t and something’s not there, don’t say they didn’t ask!


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Flash Earth

17 August 2005 9:22

As the battle for earth imaging continues a Flash entry. This combines both the ability to look at google earth and msn earth in a cool flash interface. Shows what flash can do quite well.

Neave Lab ? Flash Earth

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MM Trial Download

6 February 2005 23:10

Why am I posting about the CF trial download? Well, goto this link and you’ll see why. Cheeky MM chaps (and ladies) working on Sunday’s. Cheers to John B for picking this one up.

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UK User Group Presentation

24 January 2005 12:26

According to Forta’s Blog Macromedia are planning a UK User Group Presentation on 15th February (tentative). There’s no full details yet, but looks as though Blackstone will be shown off.

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Blackstone Certification

11 January 2005 15:06

Interesting post taken off the cf-talk mailing regarding Blackstone (CF7) certification.

From Macromedia:
You will need to recertify on the new Blackstone exam. We offer a 25% upgrade discount for currently certified professionals. Please circle back when the new ColdFusion exam launches.

So, if you haven’t gotten certified yet and you don’t have a pressing reason to do so before Blackstone, it seems that you’d be better waiting until then. I just figured I’d share the information that I received since it seemed to be a popular topic.

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Coldfusion penetration in the UK

10 January 2005 10:41

Ben Forta posted in reply to John B’s post about his seeming lack of information regarding CF exposure in the UK.

I’ll repeat here the comment I made over on Neil’s blog that if Macromedia payed more attention in the UK, and Europe for that matter they might notice!

CFEurope is yet another example of this, the story is there wasn’t enough sponsorship which is undoubtably true, but, if MM wanted it to happen I’m sure they could have contributed more than they did.

Sorry for the rant but hey, needs to be said.

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