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Amy’s Ghost

31 August 2010 9:00

I was introduced to Amy’s Ghost by a friend (@timblair) as he knows Amy (lead singer). Since seeing them once live at Global in Reading I’ve really enjoyed their music. They played at Reading and Leeds this weekend and the highlights are online at BBC Introducing. If you like it go buy the album from Amazon.

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New Music

25 February 2010 20:55

Thanks to a simple link over to audioporncentral from a mate I’ve discovered all sorts of crazy cool music in the last fe days. Now it’s not everyone’s taste, but, it’s damn cool. Mainly mashups of assorted but general high quality. The particular standout winner are The Kleptones. Their website has all their music available, for free, mp3 download… just the way it should be! My favourite so far is Uptime from the uptime/downtime record. It’s awesome, so many tunes so little time! The Bestival live also is worth a play.

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Awesome Idea

8 July 2009 11:11

Are you in an office with RFID door-entry? If not you should be… this idea is awesome! [via @timblair]

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Last.fm and Winamp 5.5

22 October 2007 12:17

If you’ve upgraded to Winamp 5.5 and are a last.fm user you may have noticed it doesn’t scrobble correctly.

It’s a know issue and you can download this new plugin from last.fm to fix it. I think looking at the forums it should go to their auto updater this week.


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Audio Fingerprinting

1 September 2007 17:35

last.fm have launched an audio fingerprinting tool to allow them to clean up meta data. Pretty good idea I think. If you’re a last.fm’r go help ’em out.

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RIP Fopp

5 July 2007 10:10

Taken from http://www.fopp.co.uk/down.html.

It is with great regret that we announce the closure of Fopp.

Our store chain is profitable, well regarded and loved by our loyal customers and staff. However we have failed to gain the necessary support from major stakeholders, suppliers and their credit insurers to generate sufficient working capital to run our expanding business.

We would like to thank staff and customers for their support over the past 25 years.

Any outstanding website orders have now been cancelled and will not be fulfilled or charged.

This sucks, Fopp was cool.

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15 June 2007 21:55

Do you use the awesome last.fm? If you do you need to check out how mainstream your music taste is.

At the moment I come in a respectable 23.28 %

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Audio Relief

15 May 2007 14:21

Been on a new music hunt lately and come up with a few people I’d recommend you listen to:

The Rumble Strips,
The Pigeon Detectives,
Built to Spill,
Band of Horses.

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Bryan Adams

14 May 2007 22:38

Saw Bryan Adams and Wembley Arena last Thursday. Having turned up late thanks to the hell of Hanger Lane traffic the set was very good. It was suppose to be for an album launch, but, he hasn’t finished it so he said he toured anyway. Nice to hear all the old stuff as well and not too much newer bits. Pictures on Flickr.

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Upcoming Gigs

9 May 2007 12:52

Seems to be a bit of a gig year in 2007 and May is no exception. Tomorrow night am off to see Bryan Adams and Wembley Area and the on the 19th going to see Built To Spill at Reading Fez. Both should be good, photos will be Flickr’d post event.

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