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Simplicity with o2

26 April 2010 23:23

If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, particular a 3G, odds are you’re out of, or, coming up to being out of contract. You’re probably paying £35/m right now as well. If like me you’re holding on for June/July to see if a new iPhone is launched, which, it probably will be you’re not going to want to jump into a 18/24 month contract to upgrade to a 3GS (albeit tempting). O2 actually seem to have an answer in their reasonable new Simplicity SIM only tariffs. For £20/m you can get unlimited texts and 300 minutes inclusive.

It’s also really easy to switch online once you’ve found the right links. If you click on the “Shop” dropdown at the top you’ll see an Upgrade Your Phone link. Follow that, enter your mobile number and then the code you’ll get by SMS. Once in you can pick from the don’t want a phone section and just pick the new tariff. You can also just go on a month to month rolling contract which is great, saves you money and hopefully makes you ready for the iPhone 4G. You can also “downgrade” to these tariffs and save £5/m if you go for a 12 month contract.

I’ve gone through the process just now and as yet not received a confirmation email but hopefully that’ll turn up soon!

Edit: Still no email but now the O2 iPhone app shows I’m on to simplicity 20 tariff.

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iPhone 3GS and o2

10 June 2009 10:49

With the announcement of the new iPhone 3GS the predictable rage at upgrades is now the issue. It’s not unexpected as the handsets aren’t subsidised however still annoying to those people who want the latest and greatest.

o2 have now published their upgrade policy on how you can get a 3GS. Basically, buy a pay as you go phone, pay up your remaining monthly contract and sign a new one or dependent on how much you pay monthly take advantage of the early upgrade windows.

I’ll certainly put 3.0 on my phone but if it’s worth upgrading as much as I’d like to I’m not sure. In my case with 9 months left I think the pay out contract option would be cheapest – still very expensive though. Of course there’s always eBay…

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O2 iPhone Stock

16 July 2008 21:10

According to the O2 store selected retail stores are getting limited stock tomorrow (Wednesday 16th July) and more by Friday 25th. I wonder how long the queue in Reading is already?

Whilst having the 3G and the ability to find myself, geographically speaking, I’m not it’s worth it just yet. I might wait 6 months and see what Apple do.

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O2 upgrade iPhone tariffs

31 January 2008 20:21

Got a text from O2 saying that my tariff is being upgraded… woo! Instead of 200 minutes I now have 600 and 500 texts from 200.


Hopefully they’ll release a 3G version and give us all discounted upgrades.

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