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BlogCFC Migration 3.x to 5.x

11 December 2006 21:21

If you’re running and old version of BlogCFC and you are looking to upgrade one of the issues, well, nice to have things you’ll have to do is create aliases for all the old entries and categories.

I’ve done a quick, very dirty, CF page that’ll do this for you. This was run on 5.5.003, but, think the structure has been like it since 4.x, though, may be wrong. Anyway, might be useful.

<more />

    <cfset dsn = "blogdsn">

    <cfquery datasource="#dsn#" name="e">
    select * from tblblogentries

    <cfloop query="e">
       <cfquery datasource="#dsn#">
       update tblblogentries set alias = '#lCase(reReplace(reReplace(title,"[^A-Za-z0-9 ]","","ALL"),"( +)","-","ALL"))#' where id = '#id#'

    <cfquery datasource="#dsn#" name="c">
    select * from tblblogcategories

    <cfloop query="c">
       <cfquery datasource="#dsn#">
       update tblblogcategories set categoryalias = '#lCase(reReplace(reReplace(categoryname,"[^A-Za-z0-9 ]","","ALL"),"( +)","-","ALL"))#' where categoryid = '#categoryid#'

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BlogCFC v5

17 May 2006 12:34

Ray Camden has released the latest version of his BlogCFC version 5. Changes as follows:

  • New default look and feel.
  • Administrator (no more design mode)
  • CAPTCHA support
  • Auto-include images
  • RSS improvements
  • Related Entries support
  • Comment display improvements
  • SES improvements
  • Cowbell improvements
  • Preview support
  • Draft mode support
  • Send to a Friend
  • Lots of bug fixes

If you noticed the site looking a little funky over the next few days (or weeks) that’ll be why!

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Migration to BlogCFC 4

7 April 2006 20:51

I’m now eventually getting around to upgrading BlogCFC to version 4. I’ve got the data transfer, which, using the data transfer tool in Navicat was suprisingly painless. Even got it to transfer and recreate the full DB pushing from my local machine up to the live server.

Got it running it “pure” form at the moment on my beta domain and have already included Steven’s tag cloud pod (cheers!).

Next on the list is to re-skin it, might actually take the time and do in proper xhtml/css this time, though, might not! Also might look at a redesign. One thing I was tempted to do is try and create some themes for the blog basing them on some ideas from the OSWD. Also want to get fckeditor in there as well this time, maybe even some emoticons!

Edit: Why is trying to design a new style so damn hard!

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BlogCFC 3.7 upgrade SQL

23 May 2005 10:32

Just noticed Andy J has upgraded his Blog to 3.7 and got a new design up. I’m in the throws of doing this, but the point of interest is he’s done a quick MySQL script to upgrade the DB to reflect the new changes. Will save me a few minutes when I come to do it.

Andy Jarrett – ColdFusion, Google, and everything web: BlogCFC 3.7, a new design, and upgrade SQL

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Blog CFC This

27 September 2004 14:13

I’m sure some of you will have seen Blogger’s BlogThis! functionality, well, I decided to have a play and make a version for Ray Camden’s Blog CFC.

After a little playing about I’ve finally got it working.

Basically I took the editor.cfm and copied it, then added the login form to the actual page, removed some of the edit functionality as it’ll only be used to add entries, alter the cfparam tags so that they have the URL variables in. Finally I copied the Blogger JavaScript code, simply changing the URL path to my new page. It now behaves exactly as the BlogThis! link does.

For full details on the code and how to install it read on…

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BlogCFC & Blackstone

23 September 2004 20:23

Ray posted about this on his blog but just hit this problem myself so thought I’d post up the revised code block.

<cfif not server.coldfusion.productversion gte 6.1>
      <cfset throw(“Blog must be run under ColdFusion MX 6.1 or higher.”)>

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Blog 3.5.1

9 September 2004 19:11

Ray has updated his Blog to version 3.5.1. Includes MS ACCESS fix and a MoveableType importer written by Sean Corfield.

Will be updating this to 3.5.1 tonight or tomorrow.

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BBC News Pod

27 July 2004 22:49

I’m in a pod mood. Here’s another one, this time it’ll get the latest 5 news headlines from the BBC News site.

  1. Quite easy this one, first goto BBC News and find the feed you want to use. The RSS links are at the bottom of the page.
  2. Create a file called bbc_news.cfm and put it in your {blogroot}/includes/pods that contains this code.
  3. Update your {blogroot}/tags/layout.cfm to include the new pod.

Your done. Easy as pie.

Revision 1 – Code changed 29/07/04 21:12, DTD hack removed as BBC altered the feed.

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