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Merlin Labs!

22 October 2009 14:08

This guy is a little bit crazy and if you listen on speakers it’s got some swearing in. Very amusing though.

Merlin Labs! – 5 Surprising House Hacks! from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

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April 1, 2006

3 April 2006 14:38

Missed out on April Fool’s, not sure if you were had or not? Check out the guide over at Wikipedia. Personal favourite I think once again is BMW’s fine effort of “go slow cameras”.

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Mighty Boosh

18 March 2006 15:24

Saw the Mighty Boosh at the Hexagon in Reading last month and I have to say it was very very amusing live. I wasn’t sure at first as have only watched a few on TV, but, since seeing them on DVD and now live I would recommend you take a look if you’ve never seen it.

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Jack Dee

7 May 2005 15:13

Not sure what made me book up these tickets, but, damn glad I did. Jack Dee’s on his 2005 tour, and, he’s very very good.

I’ve always liked him and am getting more into the comedy scene. The show at Reading’s Hexagon was a full sell out and it really helped the atmosphere. As well as a funny “stock” show he also had a lot of local based humour and takes on stuff which was very amusing. Especially the Cemetery Junction related bits, that will make sense if you know Reading at all!

If you get the chance, go see him.

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radioactive kung-fu fridge boy and monkey slayer

16 January 2004 23:00

Not that I codone monkey slaying, ’cause it’s wrong and monkeys are great but hey, anyway. The subject refers of course to Ross Noble.I saw Ross’ latest show Unrealtime a while back and it was great, very very amusing. I’d recomend it to anyone. Just listening to his first CD hence the need to post something.

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