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Sky Guide Music

2 January 2008 19:24

This is one of those random posts that I just need to talk about.

Over Christmas the Sky Guide planner has been playing slightly odd, slightly dancey Christmas tracks. That’s all well and good, I reckon there was about 5 or 6 of them in total.

So why is now we’re subjected to the same 2 poxy tracks all year long! I know they occasionally change and yes, I can turn it off, but, come on Sky… give me something new to listen to!

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12 February 2007 22:28

Just found this site linked from another blog… can’t say I think that’ll last long!

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Dangermouse back on 25th birthday

5 September 2006 22:14


From the BBC, Dangermouse back on 25th birthday.

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I Hate…

25 July 2006 20:29

… Diamond car insurance adverts!!!

Who gives a sh*t there’s a sexual discriminating insurance agency out there trying to convince the world women are better drivers. Men are as bad as women and women as bas as men.

(off the soapbox)

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Celebrity Big Brother

7 January 2006 15:00

Or should it be “I used to be a celebrity now I just want some publicity” Brother? You may call my synic but I think “celebrity” is a bit of a stretch for describing the contenders this time round.

I only watched the first programme to see who was going in, and, it was rubbish. Faria, or “fire alarm” is not a celebrity at all. Her intro said she hated the 3 weeks of press she got when she slept her way around the FA (so it’s claimed) she hated, so why the hell is she on a 3 week show in which all she will get is publicty! Michael Barrymore clearly is trying to relaunch himself, and, I suppose fair play but not the ideal launch in my opinion, certainly proved he can entertain by milking the crowd.

Clearly history between Traci & Dennis, Maggot has to win really, just because. This is the first and last comment on CBB 2006 (at least for now =) ).

Big Brother – the official Big Brother UK website from Channel 4

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Big Brother 6

15 August 2005 8:45

Finally it’s over!

What a bunch of freaks. Endemol really are scraping the barrel now for the wierdos of the country. Fair play to Eugene though for taken the money in the diary room and coming second (about the only show I watched).

There is a poll on the BBC site, which asks the question:

“How has Big Brother 6 been for you?”

Had a look this morning and of 29,297 votes cast only 29.23% said Great leaving 70.77% saying Appalling.

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Citizens Required

5 August 2005 8:59

Danny Wallace’s new show is all about him trying to turn his flat into an independant country, quite amusing! Danny is an old mate of Dave Gorman so you know it’s gonna be good.

Citizens Required

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Jerry Springer The Opera

8 January 2005 23:38

Almost finished watching The Jerry Springer Opera on BBC 2 and I think it’s very good. The music is great, the singer’s, choreography are all very good.

It’s come up for a lot of critism by religious groups, which, I’m not going to get too far involved with because my religion of which I’m proud is Jedi, but anyway. They should just shut up and let it be to be honest. It’s a bit of a rant this but needs to be said.

The UK is a country of free speech and as such I think the BBC are right to show it. If people don’t like it they don’t have to watch it do they?

Soapbox moment over. More information on the BBC coverage

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Bunny Boiler

26 July 2004 22:35

OK, for those of you not the UK, currently on Channel 4 is Big Brother 5. A reality TV show where the housemates are trapped in a house for 10 weeks with camera’s everywhere.

One of the housemates, Michelle, is a bunny boiler! She’s utterly mad. In The Sun today there is an article reporting how she’s tried to convince poor Stuart to go with her when he leaves the house and not see his family. She won’t leave him alone, she follows him, she’s all over him, she’s crazy!

As all housemates are up for eviction this week, it has to be Michelle that goes for Stuart’s sake and the fact she’s driving me up the wall!

Lock up your rabbits when she gets out!!!

So, here’s how to vote:

  • Text MICHELLE to 84444
    (25p plus your STD network rate)
  • Call 09011 21 44 07
    (calls cost 25p, mobile costs may vary)
  • Hit your red button to vote on interactive TV (Sky, Freeview, Cable)
    (votes cost 25p)

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