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12 February 2007 22:28

Just found this site linked from another blog… can’t say I think that’ll last long!

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30 January 2007 13:45

About 2 years ago, maybe more, I remember finding a new, free statistics service called Reinvigorate/. It seems that after disappearing and doing nothing since it’s popped back up with a beta program.

I got an invite this morning and flatpackedworld is now running the tracking code so we’ll see how it holds up. Had a quick look around and it seems nice, good UI and seems pretty quick.

If you want an invite go to the site and hit the link. It currently says:

We periodically invite new groups of people into the beta, about every week(ish) or so. This helps us mitigate any unexpected server load while we fine tune and tweak our systems.

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7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail

17 May 2006 15:28

Some good points made in this article over at Bokardo. Well worth a read.

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Google Notebook

17 May 2006 12:26

Google is on a release spree again. This time yet another free service in the form of Google Notebook. It is a research type tool allowing you to save clips from various web sites into a notebook. Can’t help think this is “inspired” by 37signals Backpack or Writeboard apps but hey, still suspect it’ll quite handy.

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20 January 2004 23:00

One of the other sites I co-own and run is office-humour.co.uk, just thought I’d include a quick history of it and the latest information.The site is a collection of jokes, funny stories, images and files that have been collated from office emails. It started off as a small site but now is hugely successful. The average page views per month is over 394,000 and hits 1,290,000. They’re averages! Peak month to date saw hits over 3,000,000 and page views over 717,000.The site is now also listed on the first page of most search engines when doing a search for the keyword being used to measure this which is “office humour” (see Google, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, Excite, Altavista and Dogpile. On all of these sites office-humour.co.uk (OH) is in the top 4 entries, and in most cases in the top 2!Also a site good to track worldwide position of sites is Alexa, a Amazon company which has information and traffic details on sites. OH is currently ranked at 96,226. This has gone up from 258,368 when OH was first noticed being listed. Not bad really.Of course if you want to advertise or sponsor OH in any sense, shape or form send an email over and we’ll get in touch…. oh and if you’ve not been there before, get over there now!

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